Dump Body of the Week

14 ft Dump Body with Cross Conveyor Spreader

This week’s dump body of the week is a 14 ft dump body with a cross conveyor spreader! This week’s featured steel dump body is a Warren FL-14 with an AC-1820 tailgate spreader for Hillsborough County, FL. Hillsborough County has been a great partner with Warren, ordering a total of 7 dump bodies with various special features this year. We have already delivered 2 FL-16’s to the county and this featured dump body is the third of four units with a spreader.

14 ft dump body with tailgate spreader

Warren values our relationships with Andy Morris and Jim Aggeles. We really enjoy getting to work with the county and also appreciate the positive feedback we receive from them about our products and service. Jim recently announced his retirement, and we wish Jim a happy and fulfilling one. We know he will be greatly missed by the county and all the county’s vendors and partners as well! We are very excited to continue our relationship with Andy and look forward to continued business with Hillsborough County!

This 14 ft steel dump body with cross conveyor spreader features our model AC-1820 Cross Conveyor Spreader with Spinner Assembly on the curbside. The cross conveyor spreader is used to clean up liquid spills. For example, if there is a wreck on the interstate with a fuel tank puncture, the county would use this spreader to spread oil dry or similar product to aid in clean up efforts.

The 14 ft dump body with cross conveyor spreader has several upgrades and special features that we were more than happy to accommodate. Its sides, floor, and tailgate are constructed out of AR450 Hardox steel. It’s tailgate is a 9 panel tailgate with our ground op side swing door. See our YouTube video of this door in action: Ground Op Side Swing Video. It also flaunts strobe LED lights.  The dump body also has our standard Muncie PTO and Donovan Tarp System, as well as a dump body vibrator.

Remember, Warren prides ourselves on having standard parts and components that we can tailor to your unique specifications. We not only provide superior products, but also fantastic customer service. One of our dedicated sales members would be happy to answer any of your questions about our F/FL series dump bodies, as well as all of our various dump body and spreader models.

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