ACCA Convention

Association of County Commissions of Alabama

The Association of County Commissions of Alabama’s Convention took place at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama this week.  The ACCA Convention was a great success for both vendors and counties. The convention provided a great opportunity for Warren to interact with county Commissioners and their teams. Warren had the opportunity to speak to numerous commissioners at the ACCA Convention about our various products that are on the state bid. Some of these products include our WAR Body Series dump body, as well as our AC-2420 ice control spreader.

Warren WAR Series Dump Body

Our WAR Series Dump Body can be equipped with an air high lift tailgate which allows for a completely open tailgate that allows for easy dumping of your materials. Click this link to see a YouTube video created to display the effectiveness of this tailgate option.

The Warren AC-2420ss

The Warren AC-2420-ss model spreader is ideal for municipalities as it is easy to operate, economical, and boasts a long life. The AC-2420 also comes in steel and both the stainless steel and steel models can be mounted in a dump body or truck chassis.

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