250 Series Dump Bodies for Specialty Use

Dead Animal Retrieval Trucks

At Warren, we pride ourselves on building units that meet our customer’s needs. This month’s dump body of the month is one of Warren’s underbody designs. Recently, we built 3 250 Series Dump Bodies for one of our distributors, Phenix Truck Body, who modified them for the City of San Diego. These DAT (dead animal retrieval trucks) are used by the City of San Diego to keep their highways clean. The dump bodies feature a 1 piece floor plate constructed of 3/16” steel and an underbody hoist.

About Warren WAR Series Dump Bodies

These dead animal retrieval trucks with 11 ft, 250 series bodies have numerous other special features. One has a lift gate and the other 2 have cranes. The units also have remote controlled cable winches built into the reinforced head sheets, special shovel holders built in ladders, spray on bed liner and special use spot, area and safety lighting.

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