Dump Body of the Month

October 2017 – WAR-16 AR-450

This month’s dump body of the month is a WAR-16 AR-450 steel WAR series dump body.  Manufactured by Warren, Inc. in Collins, MS, the Warren WAR series of dump bodies are capable of hauling most anything! So, if you need a dump body that will haul rip-rap or C&D in addition to gravel and/or asphalt then look no further!  WAR series dump bodies work for both end users and governmental agencies.  This month’s featured WAR series dump body was mounted on an International for a governmental agency in Alabama.  The installation was completed by our sister company, Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc., located in Birmingham, AL.  This particular dump body is 16′ long with 48″ sides and 56″ bulkhead and tailgate using all 1/4″ AR-450 steel. Thus, it has a capacity of 16/19 cubic yards.  In addition, we equipped this truck with an optional bent arm aluminum tarp system as well as steel tubing side boards.

Front Mount Telescopic Dump Body Warren WAR Series
Warren WAR body on International

About Warren WAR Series Dump Bodies

All Warren WAR series dump bodies are manufactured at our plant in Collins, MS.  Usually, WAR series dump bodies are manufactured using all AR-450 high tensile strength steel.  Because, using the extremely durable AR-450 steel allows the body to haul most any materials.  WAR series dump bodies are available in 10′ – 20′ body lengths.  Common options for Warren WAR series dump bodies include: tarp systems, lift axles, aluminum gravel guards, and custom lights.  Click the following link to see more specifications on our WAR Series dump bodies.  If you are ready to get a quote on a Warren dump body then please feel free to give us a call today or fill out our contact-us form.