Dump Body of the Week

14 ft WAR Model Dump Body

This week’s dump body of the week is a 14 ft WAR model Dump Body. This body was recently completed for a loyal customer in Brookhaven, MS. This dump body was manufactured in our Collins, MS, location and will be picked up by the customer this week. The body features 54” front, side, and tailgate heights. The body is constructed out of AR450 steel, and features a 3 horizontal panel tailgate.

Other features on this body include:

Cabshield Variable Width-1/2 (24″) x 72″
Lights 5 x marker lights per side and 3 x marker lights in cab sheild -center
Tarp System Donovan Tarp System

The 14 ft WAR model dump body is perfect for hauling your toughest jobs. It’s AR450 material allows it to withstand even the toughest of materials and hardest of jobs. We manufacture this body in a variety of sizes, from this 14 ft design, up to 18 ft. We also offer a wide range of options and can build this dump body to meet your specific needs. This demolition dump body is built to last and will provide reliable service for years to come.

Warren, Inc. is proud to serve local customers and also offers products that can be distributed nationwide. With multiple locations, including Birmingham, AL, Talco, TX, Plant City, FL, and Columbia, SC, we can provide our whole line of products and service to customers across the nation seamlessly. Be sure to contact us today for more information about our WAR demolition dump body or any of our other dump body models.

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Did you know that Warren, Inc. not only manufactures steel dump bodies, but also manufactures agriculture and ice control spreaders? For more information about Warren spreaders, please visit our website at www.spreaders.com.