15 ft Dump Body – Crossmemberless Design – Unit of the Month This month’s featured unit is a Warren WS-700 model, 15 ft dump body. Our WS-700 model is a crossmemberless body design, reducing weight and buildup under the body. This unit was manufactured at our Mississippi location and installed at Warren Truck & Trailer,.. read more →

Sloped Front Demolition Dump Body Featured Dump Body of the Month This month’s featured unit is a sloped front demolition dump body. This unit was manufactured in Collins, MS. The sloped front allows for forward mounting of the dump body. Furthermore, the doghouse and hoist take up less space with this sloped front design. For.. read more →

23 Jul 2018
July 23, 2018

11 ft Underbody Dump Body

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Underbody Dump Body The featured unit this month is a U-11 dump body. This underbody dump body was mounted with a Venco Venturo VC516SF-ED hoist. We made the choice to up to a bigger hoist, due to customer hauling needs. This customer requested that we remove the cab shield piece that extends over the cab horizontally. They.. read more →

Unit of the Month: C-Series Dump Body  Warren Trash Body  This month’s featured unit of the month is a C-series dump body. It was manufactured for the City of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. This trash body is a medium duty body. The featured unit will be used by the city for debris pickup and removal. It.. read more →

18 Oct 2017
October 18, 2017

Dump Body of the Month: October 2017

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Dump Body of the Month: October 2017 – WAR-16 AR-450 This month’s dump body of the month is a WAR-16 AR-450 steel WAR series dump body.  Manufactured by Warren, Inc. in Collins, MS, the Warren WAR series of dump bodies are capable of hauling most anything! So, if you need a dump body that will haul.. read more →