C-Series Bodies

Warren C-Series bodies are designed for general contractors. These medium duty dump bodies are built for dependability and ready for use with scissor, underbody arm, or twin telescopic hydraulic hoists. Low sides offer ease of loading by machine or hand. State-of-the-art welding and use of ASTM A1011 A-45 steel makes this body ready to accept a wide variety of materials used by general contractors.

Features & Benefits of Warren C-450 Bodies

  • ASTM A1011 A-45 High Tensile Steel
  • Body & NTEA rated hoist manufactured by Warren
  • Continuous welding throughout body for additional strength
  • Available in 10′-16′ lengths
  • Full depth rear corner post with full depth rear crossmember

C Series Specifications

ASTM A1011 A-45 High Tensile Steel
3” – 4.1#/ft. channel crossmembers standard
4” – 5.4#/ft. channel crossmembers for CF & CFT Hoists
5” – 9.0#/ft channel longitudinals standard
7” – 9.8#/ft. channel longitudinals for CF & CFT Hoists
10 ga. steel – 7’3” inside width w/ radius inside corners at sides
14” standard height
Full depth rear corner posts & skirt
Dirt shedding, sloped running boards
20” height, 10 ga. vertical type – 6” higher than sides
Boxed perimeter w/ boxed vertical braces
1 ¼ dia. lower pinOffset flame cut steel plate upper hinge
Double acting w/ chains
Manual lever latch control sides
Front Bulkhead:
42” height, 10 ga. steel
Horizontal formed-in bracing
Width—inside 7’3”
Lengths –12′, 14′, and 16′ are standard


Fed Std. 108 – flush mount w/ rubber grommets


Optional Attachments

  • Hydraulic Hoists – Scissor, Underbody Arm, or Twin Telescopic
  • Screen Window for Front Bulkhead
  • Stake Pockets
  • Fold Down Sides
  • Higher Sides and/or Tailgate
  • Coal Door