Frame Type U and F Series Bodies

Warren 451 Series dump bodies are designed for mounting on medium duty single axle truck chassis. They have strong “Stacked Type” understructure for extended life. Engineered for contractors and governmental agencies for hauling sand, gravel, asphalt mix and other materials. Double acting, air operated tailgate with underbody arm or telescopic hoist.

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Features & Benefits of Warren U/F 451 Series Bodies

  • ASTM A1011 A-45 High Tensile Steel

  • Body & NTEA rated hoist manufactured by Warren

  • Continuous welding throughout body for additional strength

  • Available in 9′-10′ lengths

  • 8″ wrap around front corner post

  • Full depth rear corner post

F 451 Series (Frametype)  Specifications

Construction: ASTM A1011 A-45 High Tensile Steel
Understructure: 3” – 4.1#/ft. channel crossmembers
5” – 9.0#/ft channel longitudinals  (U9-451 and U10-451)
5″ – 6.7#/ft channel longitudinals (F10-451)
Floor: 3/16″ Steel w/ 2″ side to floor radius
Sides: 10 ga. steel w/ 4 x 4 x 1/8″ boxed tubing top rail
3 per side 6″ wide boxed side braces
6″ high front & rear gussets w/ board pockets
8″ full depth rear corner post
Dirt shedding rub rails
Tailgate: 10 ga. steel
6″ higher than sides
Boxed perimeter w/ vertical bracing
Air operated control lock
Double lower sockets w/ overhooks
Front Bulkhead: 10 ga. steel w/ die-formed horizontal brace
Dog house
6″ higher than sides
Dimensions: Overall Width: 96″
Inside Width: 87″
Lengths –9′, 10′

Hoist Model:

Type: Underbody Lift Arm (U Series) or Telescopic (F Series)
Model: U50-717 (U-9); U50-723 (U-10);
Pivot Pin: T10-585 (F-10)
Mounting Height: 1 1/4″
Barrel O.D.: Cylinder
Stroke: 7 1/4″ (U Series); 6 1/8″ (F Series)
1 Stage (U Series); 3 Stage (F Series)
17″ (U-9); 23″ (U-10); 85″ (F-10)
Type: 13″

Optional Attachments:

Tarp System
Spreader Apron
Coal Door
Double Acting Hoist (U9 and U10)