Hydraulic 5th Wheels

Warren’s hydraulic 5th wheels product line is now manufactured at our Talco, TX operation, Warren Truck & Trailer, LLC.

Warren features two main hydraulic 5th wheels options: the FW-30 and the FW-45. The Warren FW-30 and FW-45 come complete with a CCW direct mount air shift hydraulic pump, air console with valves for in-cab installation. The kit also includes the most popular standard length hydraulic hoses, fit- tings and connectors. The installer must supply the hydraulic oil, tie down mounting angle, fasteners, paint and other normal truck shop items. PTO recommended: Single speed, dual gear with 4 bolt SAE flange. The PTO should run at 80-100 % of engine speed. The truck chassis must be equipped with an air brake system for operation.

We have a team of dedicated people who are ready to answer any of your hydraulic 5th wheels questions! Please call us today at 888.734.4400 and let us show you why Warren is the leading manufacturer.