WAR Demolition Series Bodies

Warren’s WAR Series demolition dump bodies perform well in severe environments.  Because, the Hardox® 450 construction allows this body to survive in the toughest of conditions. These demolition dump bodies are one of Warren’s most popular models due to their rugged design, durability, and varied application. So, if you typically are hauling C&D (construction and demolition waste), rip rap, or other product that is tough and abrasive, we recommend a WAR series dump body. Most of all, the WAR series dump body is the most durable and extreme duty dump body manufactured by Warren.  Warren WAR-Series dump bodies are verified by SSAB’s Hardox® In My Body program. 

Features & Benefits of Warren WAR (Demolition) Series Bodies

  • Hardox® 450 Abrasion Resistant Steel Construction

  • Continuous welding throughout body for additional strength
  • Available in 10′-20′ lengths

  • Full depth rear corner post with full depth rear crossmember

WAR Series Standard Specifications

Construction: Continuously welded unibody design
Understructure: 8″ I-Beam @ 13.0#/ft. long rails
No Crossmembers
Floor: 3/16″Hardox® 450
OR 1/4″ Hardox® 450
Sides: 3/16″ OR 1/4″ Hardox® 450
4″ x 4″ 1/4″ structural tubing top rails
10″ full depth rear corner post and rear skirt
Tailgate: 3/16″ OR 1/4″ Hardox® 450
Single “Picture Frame” Tailgate is standard
Flush mounted steel tailgate hardware with 1-1/4″ hinges and pins
Front Bulkhead: 3/16″ OR 1/4″ Hardox® 450
Dimensions: Lengths –10′ – 20′

Body and Hoist Model:

WAR-10 T10-5383, U50-723, or U60-823
WAR-11 U60-823 or T11-63101
WAR-12 U70-824 or VTLW-63101
WAR-13 U110-8824 or VTLW-63110
WAR-14 U110-8824 or VTLW-63110
WAR-15 VTLW-63124
WAR-16 VTLW-63124 or VTLW-74135
WAR-17 VTLW-74135
WAR-18 VTLW-74170
WAR-19 VTLW-74170
WAR-20 VTLW-74170 or VTLW-85190

High Lift Tailgates

One of our most common options on a WAR dump body is an air high lift tailgate.  Because, this option yields 26″ of clearance between the top of the side walls and tailgate.  As a result, large objects and debris can easily flow out of the dump body.  Additionally, we offer the high lift tailgate option with hydraulic cylinders in lieu of air cylinders.

WAR Body Options

Electric Tarp Systems
Various Panel Tailgates
Various Length/Width Cab Shields
Heavy Duty Push Aprons
Custom Paint
Custom Light/Strobe Packages