Muncie PTO for Allison Transmission

Muncie PTO Installation

Our dedicated team is hard at work today at Warren Manufacturing, Inc! Check out this CS24 series Muncie PTO for Allison Automatic Transmission being installed for a feed body being built in Birmingham, AL. All of the Warren companies use Muncie products, like this Muncie CS24 series. Visit Muncie’s website to find out more information about all their great products. Want to learn more about the great Allison Transmissions? Visit their website for more information on all of Allison’s products.

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More information about the Muncie CS24 Series:

The CS24 Series Power Take-Off is a Clutch Shift PTO designed for Allison World® and Caterpillar automatic transmissions. The CS-24 Series PTO is engaged by means of a solenoid activated, wet clutch pack. The engagement solenoid is built into the PTO and installation is simplified by the requirement of only one hose connection. A remote mounted solenoid option is available for a more compact installation.

More information about Allison Rugged Duty Transmissions:

Allison Rugged Duty Series automatic transmissions are suited for any vehicle that operates on/off highway and requires PTO operation.