Body of the Week: Crossmemberless Dump Body

16.5 ft WXL Series

This week’s dump body of the week is a cab matched red crossmemberless dump body. This unit was manufactured in our Mississippi plant and sent to Columbia, SC, for installation. The WXL model dump can be built to your specifications. We built this unit out of all AR-450 steel to be used as a heavy duty dump body. The crossmemberless dump body model allows saved weight while maintaining the square shape that many customers love. cross-memberless dump body

This particular unit has the following specifications:

Yardage: 17/20
Floor Material: 1/4 AR450
Front / Material: 56″ 1/4 AR450
Side / Material: 48″ 1/4 AR450
Vertical Side Brace: Yes
Horizontal Brace: Yes
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135TAILGATE
Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 2 Horizontal
Material: 1/4 AR450
Height: 56
Slope: 6″
Chains: 5/16″
Double Acting: Yes
High Lift Gate: Air Equipped – can add cylinders laterCabshield: Full Width-1/2 (24″)
Asphalt Apron: 8″ Push Type
Center Board Pockets Yes
Lights: LED Standard
Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post
Pump: PERMCO 35 gal CCW
Console: Air/Air
Conspicuity Tape: Yes
Mudflaps and Brackets: Yes
Side Boards: Pine – 2×8
Color:  RED
PTO Muncie TG8 Series (Manual Transmission)
TARP system – installed
Brand: Donovan
Manual / Electric: Electric
Type: Arm
Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum
Bent Arm: Yes
Tarp Size: 90″x18′
Tarp Type: Asphalt
crossmemberless dump body


For more information on our WXL Series Model, please visit our products page. Be sure to look at all of our great dump body model options and remember that we can meet your specific specification on any of our great models.


To get a quote today on your next crossmemberless dump body, call us at 800-228-4842!

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