24 Jun 2016
June 24, 2016

Crossmemberless 17 ft Dump Body

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Dump Body of the Week 17 ft Dump Body – WXL Series This week’s dump body of the week is a 17 ft dump body for Palm Peterbilt in Florida. This is one of ten units we are doing for this great customer. These crossmemberless dump bodies have several special features including strobe lights and.. read more →

Body of the Week: Crossmemberless Dump Body 16.5 ft WXL Series This week’s dump body of the week is a cab matched red crossmemberless dump body. This unit was manufactured in our Mississippi plant and sent to Columbia, SC, for installation. The WXL model dump can be built to your specifications. We built this unit.. read more →

Dump Body of the Week Crossmemberless Dump Body This week’s featured unit is a WXL-16.5, a crossmemberless dump body for Shealy Truck Center in Columbia, SC. This unit is light weight, but strong! This dump body is constructed out of AR450 steel, which gives it strength, but saves weight by having no crossmembers. This model is.. read more →

Dump Body of the Week 10 ft Stainless Steel Dump Body This week’s Dump Body of the Week is a 10 ft stainless steel dump body manufactured in Collins, MS, that is being shown at the New Jersey League of Municipalities this week in Atlantic City. The dump body is a Warren WXL Series, constructed.. read more →