WAR Dump Body of the Week

This week’s dump body of the week is a WAR (Demolition) Series dump body. The WAR Dump body was purchased by Worldwide Equipment, Inc. and put on one of their Kenworth trucks. The dump body was manufactured in Collins, MS, and sent to Columbia, SC, for installation. The Columbia installation team has been working tirelessly to complete this install for Worldwide Equipment. The WAR dump body and truck were picked up yesterday by George Barger and his dedicated team.

This WAR dump body features:


Yardage 17/20
Floor Material 1/4 AR400
Front / Material 56″ 1/4 AR400
Side / Material 48″ 1/4 AR400


Air Operated Yes
Panel: 2 Horizontal
Side Swing Ground Operated, For more information, watch this video: YouTube Video
PTO  Muncie TG8 Series

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